Successful ministry, especially in an Irish context comes through relationships, this takes time, transparency and trust. Since 1999 we have been active, transparent, faithful and effective in building relationships throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland, The United Kingdom and Europe.


Our commitment to Ireland is as intense as The Lord's commitment to the Irish people. We didn't come to Ireland for Him, we came to Ireland "from" Him to establish a base of operations, plant churches, raise up leaders, strengthen and encourage leadership, preach, teach and heal a people desperate for truth and void of knowing God.


In 1994 The Lord was emphatic He wanted us in Ireland. We prepared to go, to stay and to be effective in ministry.

In 1997 we received more specifics to our assignment, it was Limerick.

In 1999 we moved to Limerick, planted a foundation for ministry in Ireland's third largest metroplex, planted a church, and established a ministry that has impacted this city, this nation, and Europe.


We are Rhema Bible College graduates. Jim's a graduate of Domata School of Missions and also has a university degree.

We have 3 daughters, 3 fine sons-in-law, and 5 grandchildren.


  • Continue to preach, teach and heal.

  • Planting Churches. We see church planting the most effective means of evangelism and outreach for Ireland.

  • Raise up and send out leaders.

  • Strengthen churches and ministries already in operation.


  • World Outreach Christian Centre (WOCC) is a strong local church empowered by The Holy Spirit; planted in 1999 this is our base of operations.

  • World Outreach School of Ministrybegan in 2014 to raise up ministry leaders.

  • Short term and long term missions; like most missions efforts we need help. Get in touch and we can explain more.